Ihr neues Album TV EN FRANCAIS trifft das Herz – Es geht um Beziehungen und das (Un-)vermögen über Probleme & Gefühle miteinander sprechen. Was verwirren kann. Man kapiert nichts mehr, den anderen nicht, die gemeinsame Beziehung … Ein Gefühl, als ob man Fernsehen in einer fremden Sprache, TV EN FRANCAIS, schauen würde … So hat das neue Album von We are Scientists seinen Namen bekommen. Wenn man dieses Fernseh-Beziehungs-Programm schaut,  fragt sich mitunter wieso man eigentlich liebt, warum man sich das ganze Theater mit dem anderen überhaupt antut. Deshalb wollte ich von Sänger Keith Murray in unserem Interview wissen:

What means love to you?
Keith: I guess love is often confused with interpersonal reliance, if that makes any sense. Love to me is a desperately vibe to be with someone and to have someone that understands you. But also a feeling of not needing the person to be there. For example: If you are away from someone you wish to be with them, but on the other hand you’re not compromised by being with them. That doesn’t even really encapsulate the entirely of it…There is just so much about love, that is not intellectual at all. To try to describe it directly, seems missing the point entirely. I guess that is why people write songs and poetry about love, instead of just talking about it.

 … truly a question you probably never can answer. What I am wondering about is why we are so concerned about love all the time…
Keith: I definitely understand why we are…It is overwhelming when you are in love. It is not possible to think about anything else then. But our total preoccupation with it doesn’t help understanding it.

Do you believe in love of one’s life?
Keith: I assume that it varies by the person. I do believe, that there are persons who find a love for their entire life. I guess my experiences are very funny, because I am not with the person I was at first in love with but I also don’t hate her   😀   If people are good on working on their problems in their relationships, the love of one’s life could be very easily archived. People in relationships often prevent each other from growing and life just demands that you grow. Either you happen to grow simultaneously or you are able to give the other person room to change without affecting your relationship – I think that is often the hugest killer of relationships.

When do you know that you love somebody? When it is easy like in your song Make it Easy ?
Keith: No, I think, the actual realization that you really love someone then just being excited about him/her is often at the moment when it becomes slightly hard. And realize that you want to be with the person, even in the face of that difficulty, let’s you know. Being in love when it is easy seems like a fairly shallow definition of it. Love does not require difficulty, but difficulty sometimes separates deep love from affection.

But why do there have to be situations like one really loves someone and the other just feels that affection thing?
Keith: Well, if we could answer that question we could solve a lot of people’s huge problems  😀

Yes I know … but at least you try to help people, don’t you? With this advice section on your website. I really love that part of your site ! How did you happen to do this?
Keith: To have a website just talking about what shows we are going to play seems like we are wasting a nice bit of interaction we have with people. Actually it would nice to have a part on our website where we could post our problems and get advice from other people. But I guess it would be difficult a) to go through all the responses and b) to make sure that the person who gave the advice wasn’t psychotic.


I think people can trust us, we seem like reliable authorities.

😀 Oh yeah, you do. Good musicians, always funny and …
Keith: … aw well, to be funny is probably not the best pedigree to use to give advice. And playing an instrument doesn’t make you an insightful person.

No, I think people who do music or express themselves as an artists or … in general often have a good view on life. I think they reflect more then others and they are … sensitive in a way. I mean you can not say that about every artist …
Keith: … yeah I guess it’s true that musicians and artists in general tend to be more self reflective but they also tend to be very self-centered and irresponsible in a way.

What do you like about being an artist?
Keith: The most fundamentally attractive thing is, just being able to pursue your own interests and not being at someone else’s vim when you are on explore something. And yeah … because it is technically our job to be reflective, I mean, that we are allowed time to do that … actually our lifes are generally framed around spending time doing that, otherwise we wouldn’t do our job well and we will starve 😀

So you are also kind of … under pressure being reflective?
Keith: Well, I mean, that’s the negative aspect, when you are doing music professionally. There is part of you, that is wondering what other people will think about your self reflection. Because doing this as a job it takes you out of the private part of the reflection, which is the most important part of it.

How do you deal with insecurities then?
Keith: It’s funny … I don’t read any reviews at all of anything we do. Which, in some senses, can be bad, because it is probably helpful. – Even if a review is totally harsh and not based on anything I value in our music … but it would be helpful to see what puts a person off what we are doing. Even if we do not incorporate that opinion in the stuff we do in the future. I definitely would think to much about … it would get under my skin. Chris reads all of our reviews, but I don’t understand that.

TV EN FRANCAIS ist am 07. März 2014 erschienen. Es ist ihr viertes Album und, meiner Meinung nach, eine Glanzleistung. Ihr müsst auf die Texte hören! Die Melodien begeistern auch. Gerade touren die Boys durch Europa & Amerika. In Deutschland könnt ihr sie aber nochmal  am 05. – 08.06.2014 bei Rock am Ring/Rock im Park sehen.

Boah und wisst ihr was? Auf ihrer EP BUSINESS CASUAL, die vor ihrem Album erschienen ist, gibt es ein Cover von Take my breath away – Ich hatte leider keine Zeit mehr  zu fragen, wie sie darauf gekommen sind …. Allerdings ist es großartig! 😀 <3 Und noch was: At a concert the boys definitely take your breath away!

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  1. a great interview!

  2. Was für ein tolles Interview! So ehrlich und sowohl kopfintelligent als auch emotional intelligent! Wundervoll 🙂

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